Performance indicators for corporate MOOCs – Regularity

Performance indicators for corporate MOOCs - RegularityIn our previous post, we introduced the need to create new performance indicators for corporate MOOCs. In this post, we explore the value of regularity as an indicator.

How regular is a user’s learning in a MOOC? How important is regularity for course success? How can regularity be measured? What does a learner’s regularity pattern tell recruiters? How should course design support regularity?

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Analytics-driven corporate MOOCs – performance indicators beyond completion rates

IndicatorsPost initial hype about massive numbers of participants signing-up to follow MOOCs, the ensuing discussion concerned equally massive drop-out rates. Researchers and practitioners now seem to agree that completion and drop-out rates are not THE crucial performance indicators of MOOCs and their learners. They argue that many learners do not even strive to complete the course because they are interested in only a part of the course or because they want to simply watch the course material. When computing drop-out rates only for those participants who have committed to completing the course, either by paying for certification or by indicating the objective of completion in the registration form, drop-out is no longer alarming and instead close to rates in offline learning settings. (cf. EPFL(1)) Read more