Learn the fun way with Coorpacademy: what our learners say!

Blog Article commentaire (1)What makes Coorpacademy’s online learning platforms special is that they address learners directly. Since it was created in 2013, Coorpacademy’s philosophy has been to focus on the learner to ensure that he or she is as committed as possible to learning, and can thus get the most out of our programmes. Read more

From game to learning: The laws of attraction

Alice in WonderlandMore than any other, the video game industry inspires online learning sites because it knows exactly what to do to retain its gamers. Because commitment is an art…

“Drink me”, “Eat me”, “Look through the keyhole”, “Talk to the Mad Hatter”… Whether explicit or implied, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland is the perfect illustration of the playful story in which the heroine is committed, against all odds. That the Queen has ordered her head be chopped off is of little import. The curious little girl touches and tastes everything, opens every door, in short, uses every call-to-action, protected as she is by the dreamlike fiction in which she lives. Read more