Coorpacademy now accepts Bitcoins from its B2B customers

Love Learning! & Nouvelle interface (4)If you mostly hear about Bitcoin for its volatile price, it is also a payment option to realize online purchases with companies such as Expedia or Microsoft. PayPal, the online payment giant, accepts Bitcoins in their transactions since 2014. And according to an analysis report from Juniper Research published in March 2017, number of users will reach almost 5 Millions at the end of 2019.

It’s also possible on Coorpacademy! As a company, you can access to your Digital Learning platform paying in euros and now in Bitcoins: tailor-made, branded, with dedicated turnkey learning solutions. Contact us to know more.

“We want to adapt to this new web usage while giving flexibility to our clients. Blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies are on everyone’s lips, and it seemed obvious for us to make the payment by Bitcoins accessible for our B2B clients; it’s a logical step completing our offering of co-produced courses with IBM about blockchain technology and its applications.” said Fredérick Bénichou, co-founder of Coorpacademy.

If you want to discover our courses on blockchain technology, co-produced with IBM, it’s here and here. Smart-contracts, private or public blockchains, mining: these notions are all explained.

The Bitcoin, a new way of unleashing your potential for learning!

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